Return to Work Issues

Employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies choose the doctors employees can see after an on-the-job injury. They select doctors who will save money for the employer and the insurance company – doctors who will quickly certify a worker as ready to return to work, even when they are unable to do so.

Legal Help for Injured Workers
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One of the most common workers’ compensation problems involves injured workers who are sent back to work before they are physically able to do their jobs. In many instances, the doctor will certify that the employee is able to go back to light duty work. This may involve working reduced hours or performing a job that is not physically taxing.

After a day or two doing light duty work, the employer may send the injured worker back to his or her old job. Returning to work too soon or being assigned tasks that you are physically unable to perform can result in re-injury or a completely new injury. It can set your rehabilitation back weeks or months and, in some cases, cause permanent injury.

Protecting the Rights of Injured Workers

Return-to-work issues can jeopardize your life both physically and financially. It is important to discuss your legal options with an attorney who understands workers’ comp law and knows how to make it work for you. At J. Franklin Burns, P.C., we will protect your rights.

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