Experience. Knowledge. Results.

Experience. Knowledge. Results.

Aggressive, Yet Empathetic, Our Law Firm Fights For Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

With decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases, J. Franklin Burns, P.C., in Atlanta is the ally you need if you have received injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Your injury was likely caused by the carelessness, negligence and unlawful behavior of a third-party, whether it be another driver or a company that owns the vehicle.

Our attorneys are passionate about fighting for our clients. We have a proven track record in getting results, obtaining significant settlements that will assist our clients in overcoming new life obstacles such as expensive medical bills, the loss of income, and pain and suffering. We are on your side all the way.

Taking On Negligent Parties And Insurance Companies

While we are approachable, understanding and sympathetic, we are also aggressive. Although we are skilled negotiators in confronting insurance companies, we are also trial-tested attorneys, always ready to take your case to a courtroom trial. Many of these accidents can lead to wrongful death.

With several decades of combined experience, our attorneys have represented clients and gone after negligent parties in cases involving:

  • Car accidents: Caused by drivers who have broken the law, are drunk, are under the influence of controlled substances and ignore traffic laws
  • Truck accidents: Liability in such cases can be spread to the truck driver, who may have been fatigued, poorly trained or under the influence of marijuana or cocaine, as well as trucking companies, parts manufacturers, maintenance firms and loading companies
  • Motorcycle accidents: Many motor vehicle drivers just do not seem aware of motorcyclists, causing unnecessary harm that can lead to lifelong injuries.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents: Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and amputations are among the potential consequences of such accidents. We will protect you in the legal system.

We are committed to providing responsive representation to all of our clients by maintaining excellent communication in English and Spanish.

Contact A Seasoned Law Firm

Injuries from a motor vehicle accident can affect you and your family for years. You need an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney. Founded in 2002, J. Franklin Burns, P.C., in Atlanta, has been an effective and determined ally for accident victims. We offer free initial consultations, so please contact us via email or call 404-920-4708. Se habla español.