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Back And Neck Injuries

A workplace accident or repetitive stress injury can result in painful and debilitating back and neck injuries. Sometimes the injuries are so serious, they may need surgery in order to relieve pain and restore you to better health. Other injuries may require ongoing medical attention to help manage the pain and to keep the injury from worsening. If you have sustained a back or neck injury at work, you are entitled to have your medical care paid for by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. In addition, a portion of your weekly wages will be paid by workers’ compensation until you are able to return to work. One of the biggest concerns with a back or neck injury is whether you will be able to return to work at the job you were doing before you were injured. Often times, the damage is permanent and it is impossible for you to consider returning to your old job. When this happens, it is important to have the best legal advice possible so that you are compensated for your disability resulting from the accident.

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People with back or neck injuries often need an advocate on their side in order to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled by law to receive. Workers’ compensation insurance companies will argue that the pain is just a soft tissue injury that will heal on its own with time. This often results in delayed medical treatment which only worsens the condition. Insurers will deny authorization for expensive tests and procedures to diagnose and relieve your back or neck pain in order to save the insurance company money. The insurer’s primary concern is not you or your health. The insurance company’s only wish is to limit the amount of money spent on your claim. We are here to help you win all of the benefits that are owed to you.

Experience Counts

How do we know? For more than 15 years, our founder, J. Franklin Burns, defended insurance companies against claims by workers with back and neck injuries. There came a time when Mr. Burns had a change of heart and made the decision to represent workers rather than insurers for the remainder of his career. His devotion to the representation of injured workers is evident throughout the firm. All of the lawyers at J. Franklin Burns, P.C., are former defense lawyers that have a deep understanding of how the insurance companies work. We understand best all of the tactics and manipulation used by insurance companies to prevent you from receiving the benefits that you are entitled to. We are well-positioned with years of collective experience to make the workers’ compensation system work for you. Whether you injured your back or neck in a fall, while lifting a heavy object, in a motor vehicle accident or as a result of repetitive stress, we know how to help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve. It does not matter how you were injured on your job. What matters is that you are represented by experienced counsel that can assist you with your claim. To learn more please contact our law firm for a free consultation. Please do not hesitate to call. We understand that you have many questions that need answers. With an office conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, our workers’ compensation attorneys represent clients statewide. If you are unable to visit us in our office, we are happy to travel to meet you in your home or a place that is convenient for you.