Experience. Knowledge. Results.

Experience. Knowledge. Results.

Trying The Case

Litigation Attorneys

Our firm is proud of our reputation of taking cases to court when necessary. Settlement is always an option, however; if a settlement offer is unreasonable, we will try the case. Because we have over 50 years of combined experience in workers’ compensation trial work, we are able to analyze the results of a hearing decision and determine whether we have grounds for an appeal to the Appellate Division of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The next level of appeal is the Superior Court. If we believe the Superior Court’s decision is in error, we will appeal your worker’s compensation case to the Court of Appeals and then the Georgia Supreme Court, if necessary.

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One of the keys to our success in workers’ compensation litigation is our knowledge of the opposition and their strategies. For 15 years, attorney Burns was an insurance company lawyer who defended against workers’ claims for benefits. All of our attorneys have worked for insurance companies in the past. We use this inside knowledge to help achieve our clients’ goals. Nearly any type of workers’ compensation issue can result in litigation. There may be disagreement over the extent of your injury, your ability to return to work, or whether you are eligible for compensation. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side that will fight to avoid paying benefits to injured workers. Shouldn’t you have a skilled attorney who will fight for your rights? At our law firm, we are dedicated to helping injured workers receive the full amount of workers’ comp benefits they deserve – even if that means going to court. In many cases, we have been successful in getting our clients’ attorney fees paid by the opposition. With an office conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, the lawyers of J. Franklin Burns, P.C., represent clients statewide. Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation about your workers’ compensation case.