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Concerns about Timely Reporting an On the Job Injury

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2011 | Georgia Work Accidents, Georgia Workers' Compensation |

Many people fail to report an on the job injury on the same day it occurs. Though the law gives you 30 days to report the accident and injury, I always feel it is best to report the accident to the employer as soon as it happens.

The mistake that most people make is they are afraid they will get in trouble and lose their jobs. In this economy, that concern is understandable. However, you must answer the question of how you will pay for your own medical care in the event you were to lose your job anyway. Many people cannot afford to pay for care out of their own pocket and have no health insurance. If you fail to report a claim, you will be stuck with the lost wages and bills.

Another concern people have in reporting a claim is that they believe they are not injured bad enough to seek medical care much less to warrant telling their employer about it. Since you are not a medical professional, it is dangerous to make an assumption that you are not injured enough to see a doctor. It is also dangerous to delay your access to medical care that can prevent a minor injury from becoming a major problem. You should always tell the employer about the incident to protect yourself in the event that your problem is worse than you thought.

Several people have failed to tell their employer about the accident and/or injuries timely in the thought that the employer will not believe them. Imagine how difficult it is to believe someone was truly injured when the accident is reported months later. Imagine how difficult it is to prove an accident or injury occurred months ago. Any delay that occurs in the reporting of the accident and injuries can and will look suspicious to the employer. It will look even worse to the insurance company and that will likely lead to delay or denial of your income and medical benefits. It is just not worth it.

The best action that you can take is to report the accident and injury immediately, even if you do not think you need any medical care. If medical care is offered, you should take it just to make sure that your problems are properly and timely addressed by a doctor.

By: Shannon D. Rolen, Esq.