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Atlanta Chemical Spills Put Workers At Risk For Serious Injury

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2011 | Georgia Work Accidents, Hazardous Chemicals |

Many workers — regardless of industry — can be at risk for a potential chemical spill, which could lead to a catastrophic Georgia work injury.

In situations where employees end up with a major injury due to chemical spills, it may be necessary for our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers to assist you in your time of need. Major injuries typically require medical attention, which may be extremely expensive, especially given our nation’s rising healthcare costs.In cases like this, employers may attempt to cut corners in order to save money. This is unacceptable. Corporations are required to have insurance to cover for such accidents and yet they will attempt to fight a workers’ compensation claim with the employee.

Every employee has the right to work in a safe environment and certainly one where precautions are taken to avoid major chemical accidents at work. And if accidents do happen, a workers’ compensation claim may be necessary in order to prevent these accidents.

The Thomaston Times reminded us recently that emergency crews are among the type of employees who are at constant risk of being exposed to a chemical accident. Firefighters respond every day to traffic accidents where car batteries explode or fluids are leaking from a vehicle that has just been mangled. And in some cases, the cars are ready to explode when the liquids and heat from a running engine combine.

Emergency crews recently put together a scenario that helps train emergency crews how to handle a chemical disaster. Law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical responders, medical personnel and emergency management officials participated in the recent training.

The scenario involved a private vehicle crashing with a tanker that was carrying highly toxic hydrogen peroxide. Hospital staffers were tested on their ability to properly respond to a flood of patients in a short time. Emergency crews were required to respond to and treat patients at the scene by diagnosing their injuries and keeping them and themselves safe from the chemicals.

In another story, a Georgia college student was severely injured last April when the airbags in her vehicle deployed without a crash and flying metal severed her neck artery. The injuries required surgeries and caused her to suffer strokes, USA Today reports. This reminds us that those in the manufacturing fields, where chemicals are used every day, are especially at risk.

Chemicals may be used in that worker’s profession or they may simply be in the office for other reasons. Either way, they can cause problems. A splash in the face can cause major eye trauma or blindness, while exposure to skin or breathing in certain chemicals can cause employees to have other forms of medical problems.

Companies must adhere to safety protocols and give employees proper training to prevent accidents. Many cases of at-work injuries happen because untrained workers cause accidents. With proper training, more workplace injuries in Georgia could be prevented.

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