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Eye Safety Critical at Georgia Work Sites in Order to Keep Employees Injury-Free

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2011 | Atlanta work accident, Georgia Work Accidents |

Imagine just simply doing your job — a typical day at the office or on the job site, but everything changes in an instant when your eyes are injured by chemicals or something falling.

A person who loses his or her eyesight in a Georgia workplace accident can have their lives altered forever. This type of catastrophic work injury can require the need for a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia in order for the worker to get the care they need to recover from such an ailment.Our Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers can’t help but cringe when we hear about workers in our community who are injured and lose their eyesight. It is one of our five perhaps we most rely upon for survival, but we take it for granted.

For those who have had it and lost it, they know how important being able to see is. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 2,000 people each day in the United States suffer from a work-related eye injury.

Nearly one in three of these eye injuries require hospital emergency room visits and nearly five percent result in time lost at work. Most of these injuries are a result of airborne particles that cause major irritation or cuts that can cause permanent injuries. The most common are metal slivers, wood chips, cement chips and dust that break off from the use of power tools.

Critically important to preventing these injuries are the use of eye protection, including goggles or sturdy masks that cover the entire face, such as those used by welders. The eyes can also be exposed to catching infectious diseases, especially those working in laboratories, with animals and in health care settings. The eyes are particularly susceptible to catching illnesses.

Here are some tips to keeping your eyes safe at work:

  • Create a safe work environment by minimizing debris, ensuring tools work correctly and workers know how to use them. Keep non-workers outside of the area.
  • Look over safety hazards and identify where improvements can be made.
  • Make sure the correct eye and face protection is used for the job at hand. Determine that the protection is in good condition and not susceptible to breaking while a power tool is in use.
  • Take the right approach to keeping your eyes safe by cleaning off eye protection, the face, hair and forehead before removing the protection to ensure debris don’t fall down; don’t rub your eyes with dirty clothing and take steps to clean the eyewear regularly.
  • Make sure there’s an eye wash station nearby and available to all workers in case of emergency.

While work emergencies such as eye injuries are typically considered risks that construction workers take, these can happen at any business. Every office probably has some type of hazardous chemicals that can lead to injuries, so take proper precautions.

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