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Georgia Worker Accidents on OSHA’s Radar

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2012 | Atlanta work accident, Georgia Work Accidents, Hazardous Chemicals |

Potential work accidents in Georgia are catching the eyes of officials with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Recently, there were two Georgia companies, Coleman Natural Foods and NuTech Powder Coaters LLC, that were inspected, cited and fined for a number of alleged serious work hazards and failing to properly protect employees on the job.Our Georgia workers compensation lawyers would first like to address the findings from the Coleman Natural Foods inspection. This company was given eight violations at its plant in Braselton. These citations came with proposed fines totaling more than $142,000. This inspection was initiated after OSHA received a complaint regard the company’s safety hazards in July.

Oftentimes, inspections are conducted after OSHA catches wind of an irresponsible employer who fails to keep the work place safe for all employees. These types of reported tips can be provided to officials from concerned workers. If you feel that your safety is at jeopardy on the job, you are urged to report your concerns to your regional OSHA office.

Coleman Natural Foods Citations:

-Neglecting to install machine guards on equipment in which employees could be injured by moving parts.

-Failing to seal off electrical enclosures to help to avoid any type of corrosion.

-Failing to offer adequate strain relief on electrical components.

-Not providing an ammonia detector to sniff out gas unsafe amounts of gas that has been released into in the air.

-Not providing the proper training to employees who work among hazardous materials.

-Not fixing hydraulic fluid leaks that were started by slippery floors.

-Machine guards were not provided.

-The fire extinguishers on the premise were not regularly inspected.

The second inspection of unsafe Georgia workplaces was of the Newnan facility of NuTech Powder Coaters LLC. This company was issued 20 citations by OSHA for failing to keep work places safe for all employees. These various citations came with a combined proposed fine of more than $55,000. The inspection in which OSHA officials discovered these violations happened after a previous inspection in August.

NuTech Powder Coaters LLC Citations:

-Neglecting to ensure employees were provided with and using the proper protective clothing for working in dangerous conditions.

-Failing to provide workers with the proper eyewash/shower unit for those who had been exposed to corrosive materials.

-Neglecting to create and implement a confined space program.

-Failing to post permit-required confined space signage.

-Letting powder coating material to gather.

-Exposing employees to electronic, fall and other combustible dust hazards.

-Failing to create a respiratory protection program.

“Companies of all sizes must take their responsibilities seriously when it comes to workers’ safety and health, and implement controls that ensure all employees are protected from hazards,” said Andre Richards, director of OSHA.

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