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Georgia Company Fined for Unsafe Working Conditions

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2012 | Georgia Work Accidents, Hazardous Chemicals |

Eagle United Truck Wash LLC was recently cited with 14 health and safety violations for failing to minimize the risks of work-related injuries at one of the company’s stops, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The violations were observed by area officials at the company’s Flying J Truck Stop in Jackson. The proposed penalties accompanying these violations total nearly $58,000. The inspection was the result of a complaint filed with the Administration.Two of the violations were the same kinds of violations cited back in 2007, which included failing to provide eye protection for employees who were using various corrosives, including aluminum brightener. The second repeat violation was issued for failing to provide workers with an emergency eye wash station.

Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers understand that employers have a responsibility to help protect employees on the job. To help in this protection, protective equipment and preventative measures must be executed and work-related hazards must be corrected when identified. When a company fails to offer these measures and fails to correct dangers to help to make work sites safe and to protect workers, work-related injuries and even death can result. That’s why OSHA is here, to help make sure that companies are doing their best to provide safe work places for employees across the nation. When an injury results because of negligent care, compensation may be provided to the injured.

The inspection of the Jackson facility also landed Eagle United Truck Wash LLC with an additional repeat violation, this one just like the one that it received back in 2009 for letting workers perform maintenance on dangerous equipment without the proper energy control program in place.

The company was also cited with seven serious safety violations, issued as a result of the most recent inspection. These violations included failing to identify permit-required confined spaces when workers were inside tanks, for failing to make sure there was hazard communication training to employees, for failing to cover and minimize exposure to dangerous and corrosive chemicals, for exposing employees to slip hazards, for large holes in the wash bay grates, for various tripping hazards, for various electrical problems, among other issues.

Lastly, the company was cited for neglecting to cover wiring on the wall on the heater and boiler and for neglecting to create and enact a respirator protection program. Neither of these two violations came with any monetary fines, but they are to be corrected to help to ensure worker safety. These were both violations pertaining to dangers that would most likely not cause serious physical harm or death but were ultimately still a threat to workers.

“The very same chemicals that do a great job cleaning metal can be dangerous to workers if used without the proper protections,” said William Fulcher, with OSHA’s Area Office.

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