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Work Injuries in Atlanta More Likely with Rising Temps

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2012 | Atlanta work accident, Georgia Job Safety, Georgia Work Accidents |

The summer is here and it’s getting hot out there. Some of our states hardest workers know all too well. Our temps are sitting at about 90 degrees day after day. With the hot, hot heat comes some serious risks for work accidents in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Each and every year, there are thousands of employees across the country who get sick and are injured because they are overexposed to heat on the job. Some of these victims even die. The good news is that these kinds of accidents are completely preventable. It just takes the right knowledge, education and awareness!According to the United States Department of Labor, virtually anyone can become the victim of a heat-related injury at work. Employees who are exposed to hot and humid conditions have the worst risks. If you complete heavy tasks or wear bulky protective clothing on the job, you’re at an even higher risk. If you’re required to work under these conditions, it’s important that you build up your tolerance for the heat and that you’re aware of what to do in the event of one of these accidents.

Our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys understand that sometimes sweating just isn’t enough to help the body to cool itself. When working in these high temps that we’ve been seeing in recent weeks in the state of Georgia, a workers’ body temperature can rise and can reach dangerous and even deadly levels if the proper safety precautions are not taken. These kinds of injuries can sneak up on you, so you’ve got to be aware.

Heat illnesses can range from heat exhaustion to heat rash to heat stroke. It’s when a worker suffers from heat stroke that death can result. This kind of injury requires immediate medical attention.

So how do you help to prevent heat illnesses?

-Remember these three words: Water. Rest. Shade.

-Drink plenty of water throughout your work day.

-When it’s hot, make sure you take frequent breaks.

-Always rest in the shade.

-Limit your time working in the heat.

-Make sure there’s an emergency plan in place at your work site.

-Gradually build up your tolerance to working in hot conditions.

-Complete heavy work in the beginning of the day.

-Allow new workers to get acclimated to the work conditions.

-Educate everyone on the work site about the symptoms of a heat-related illness.

-Train everyone in the proper steps to take following a heat-related illness.

How to recognize heat illnesses:



-Pale skin color.

-Sweating profusely.

-Slurred Speech.




-Muscle Cramps.



-Rapid, shallow breathing.



-Muscle Spasms.

-Red blisters (like pimples) on the skin.

Employees are urged to keep an eye on one another to help to catch these conditions before it’s too late. Employers are required to provide workers with the appropriate work conditions and safety procedures to make sure that these accidents don’t happen in the first place. Be safe out there!

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