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Atlanta Airport Accidents a Risk for Ground Crews & Support Personnel

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2012 | Georgia Work Accidents |

Work accidents at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are most likely among the ground crews and other support personnel.

Our Atlanta work injury attorneys understand one of the nation’s largest airports would simply cease to function without these hardworking and dedicated individuals. However, they are also at high risk of injuries, including herniated discs, fall accidents and transportation accidents.Hartsfield-Jackson has been one of the busiest airports in the world for nearly two decades and its six concourses also make it one of the world’s largest. More than 2,700 flights arrive or depart the airport daily carrying more than 230,000 passengers.

That’s a lot of luggage!

Recently the Occupational Safety & Health Administration announced a renewed partnership with the Airline Ground Safety Panel, which will continue to address the hazards and work injuries faced by ground crews. The Airline Ground Safety Panel is a labor-industry partnership that includes 11 airlines and three unions representing about 350,000 workers — or about 85 percent of the industry.

“Our continued Alliance with the Airline Ground Safety Panel will focus on preventing worker injuries caused by slips, trips and falls and being struck by objects,” said OSHA’s Dr. David Michaels. “We look forward to working with the panel to educate and train employers and workers on preventing workplace injuries.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual fatal work-accident statistics last month, revealing that 708 workers were fatally injured last year after being struck by objects or equipment. Another 666 died in falls. Airline support personnel are at high risk for both types of injuries.

The alliance will work for the next two years to develop fact sheets and highlight ways to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents, as well as those hazards present while operating high-lift tugs, pushback trucks and other ground safety equipment.

Common Airport Work Accidents Include:

-Injuries caused by falling objects.

-Belt-loader accidents and injuries, including amputation and caught-between injuries.

-Baggage tug and cart injuries.

-Vehicle accidents and collisions.

-Lifting injuries.

-Struck by equipment injuries.

-Carbon Monoxide injuries.

-Ramp Safety.

Back injuries can be particularly serious, both because of the difficulty in achieving an accurate diagnosis and because of the debilitating impact a serious back injury can have on a person’s life. The National Institutes of Health reports the most common back injuries are sprains and strains, herniated discs and fractured vertebrae. Treatment options range from medicine and bed rest to physical therapy and surgery.

Making sure you get the best treatment options available can be critical. When an employee feels like he is being pushed into an option by an employer or an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company, consulting an outside attorney is the best option. How these injuries are treated can impact the rest of an employee’s life and can be a determining factor in prognosis for making a full recovery.

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