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Atlanta Job Safety: Workplace Violence a Leading Cause of Death in 2011

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2012 | Georgia Job Safety |

A surprise in the recently released report on work accidents in the United States last year is that workplace violence is now responsible for the second-most deaths nationwide, behind only transportation accidents.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports violence in the workplace claimed 780 lives. A total of 4,609 workplace deaths were reported.U.S. Workplace Fatalities in 2012

Transportation: 1,898 Workplace Violence: 780 Fire: 143 Falls: 666 Exposure: 401 Contact with Equipment: 708
Fatal Georgia Work Accidents in 2012

Transportation Accidents: 45 Workplace Violence: 17 Falls: 16 Struck by Object: 15 Harmful Exposure: 9 Fire Explosion: 5
In recent years, workplace violence has surpassed falls and contact with objects or equipment as a leading cause of fatal injuries among employees.

As we reported recently on our Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney Blog, the ongoing threat to convenience store worker, particularly those who work the night shift, is one aspect of workplace violence we consider less often. As it turns out, convenience store clerks or more likely to be assaulted while on the job than anyone except taxi drivers.

Violence toward police officers and prison guards is another area that gets less attention. But we are all, of course, familiar with the high-profile acts of violence at schools and workplaces nationwide. Each case is unique and consulting an experienced Georgia work accident attorney is always the best bet when it comes to protecting your rights and your family’s financial wellbeing following an act of workplace violence.

Shootings was the most common manner of death, accounting for about 78 percent of all workplace homicides. Insect or animal bites are also included in this category and resulted in 37 deaths last year. Forty percent of workplace homicides among women involved a spouse or domestic partner, another 20 percent involved a robber.

OSHA’s workplace violence prevention efforts aim to assist employers and employees in creating a safer workplace. Nationwide each year, more than 2 million Americans report being the victim of violence while on the job.

Common risk factors include those who exchange money with the public, those who work with volatile and unstable people, those who work alone or are otherwise isolated and those who serve alcohol are also at increased risk.

Employers must assess the work site, implement a workplace violence prevention program, and provide the proper training to employees. Having a zero-tolerance policy toward violence and an updated evacuation plan are also critical steps in ensuring your job site is as safe as possible when it comes to preventing acts of violence. Common sense strategies include security cameras, a well-maintained and secure premises, and night security lighting.

Do your part to secure your job site: Don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to you!

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