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Work Safety Must Remain a Top Priority as Hiring Picks Up

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On March 12, 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that hiring in certain sectors started to pick up in January, although the overall hiring rate remained fairly stagnant. The BLS also reported that number of job openings in January was up in many sectors, indicating that more qualified workers may soon be finding positions if they haven’t already.Our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys know that new workers coming onto a worksite may be at risk of being injured because they are unfamiliar with procedures and customs at their new workplace. This is especially true of the long-term unemployed who may have been out of the workforce for a lengthy period of time, with skills getting rusty, as they awaited improvement in the economy and a new job. As employers begin to bring in new hires, it is thus essential for worker safety to remain a top priority.

Work Safety Needs to Remain a Top Focus
According to the March 12, 2013 press release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • There were 3.7 million available job openings on the last business day of the month of January. This reflects little change from the end of December.
  • The hires rate of 3.1 percent and the separations rate of 3 percent also did not show any significant changes from the end of December to the end of January.
  • The number of job openings available in January rose in certain sectors including the professional and business services sector.
  • The number of job openings in January decreased in the areas of health care and social assistance.
  • The number of job openings, not seasonally adjusted, in January increased over the course of the year in non-farm jobs, in private jobs and in government jobs.
  • There were increases in available work opportunities and jobs in the retail sector; in other services and in the federal government. There was a decrease in jobs in the fields of mining and logging.

As this data shows, some workplaces are not expanding while others are increasing their hiring and creating a situation where new employees assume duties.

Workplace Safety Should be a Top Focus
In workplaces where the number of jobs are declining, workplace safety must be maintained even in the face of a smaller workforce. This means making sure that workers aren’t overworked and that people aren’t assigned to do tasks that they don’t have proper training for.

As hiring grows, workplaces bringing on new workers also face their own challenges in staying focused on safety. Even with the administrative costs associated with growth, employers still must be sure that safety programs remain in place and that the work environment complies with all OSHA guidelines. All new hires also need to be properly trained and adequately supervised when first hired to make sure that they are not at risk of getting hurt or causing harm to others as a result of their inexperience.

By making sure to stay focused on safety, companies will be poised to deal with any economic news that comes their way, including an increase in business growth that boosts their employee numbers. Keeping workers safe should always be he top priority under any situation.

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