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Problems with Your Employer

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | Atlanta work accident |

For an employee, one of the most difficult aspects of a Workers’ Compensation claim is communicating with their employer about their injury. Many times the injured worker is not comfortable speaking with their employer because they are afraid of angering their boss, saying something that will prevent them from getting their benefits or being fired from their job. In the worst case scenario, the worker’s injuries are so severe that they cannot communicate with their employer at all.Talking with an employer is not easy when you have been injured. The employer might take the position that the employee has not been injured at all, but is only faking the injury in order to get out of work. This often happens with injuries that do not cause broken bones or more severe injuries, but with soft tissue injuries such as back strains. In these cases, it is very important to have a medical examination so that a doctor can support your claim.

Another problem that often happens is that your employer will tell you something entirely different than the insurance adjuster tells you regarding your claim. The insurer is paid by the employer, so you would think that they would advise you in the same way. However, there are times when they disagree with their instructions. The employee is left not knowing what to do and in a state of confusion.

In cases where the employee has been out of work for a while, the employer will sometimes call the employee and tell them to come back to work. But, what if the employee’s doctor has advised them to remain out of work? In this case, the employee should follow the advice of his doctor so his/her health is not compromised and so that their claim for benefits is not put in jeopardy. However, this does not solve the problem of satisfying the employer’s request.

Communication with an employer is a difficult issue in Georgia Workers’ Compensation claims. This is a time that having legal counsel to help you is extremely important.

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