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Workplace Safety Is Key to Reducing Georgia Work Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Georgia Work Accidents, Manufacturing Injuries |

According to the most recent government statistics, there were over 82,000 Georgia workplace injuries last year. That means that almost 2.7 out of every 100 Georgia employees suffer a work injury each year. This figure is roughly in line with the national rate of workplace injuries, which is 2.9 injuries per 100 workers.

The most dangerous workplaces are those that rely heavily on physical labor or require workers to use dangerous machinery. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the jobs that have the highest rate of injury are in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Interestingly, the education industry also reported a high incident rate of workplace injuries.

As a general matter, employers have a duty to ensure a safe workplace. That being said, not every harm can be remedied, and injuries will occur at work. In such cases, the Georgia workers’ compensation program offers a straightforward way for injured workers to obtain compensation for their injuries. In addition, approved applicants will also be provided with ongoing weekly benefits until they are able to return to work. In some cases, workers’ compensation benefits can continue for decades.


An interesting aspect of the Georgia workers’ compensation program is that it is a no-fault program. This means that anyone injured while on the job can file a workers’ compensation claim, regardless of who was at fault for the injury. Thus, an injured worker’s claim will not be denied even if he was partially at fault for causing his own injuries. However, the workers’ compensation program does act as an injured worker’s sole remedy in most situations, meaning that an injured employee is not able to file a personal injury case against their employer in most cases.

Georgia Manufacturing Plant Fined for Dangerous Workplace Conditions

Earlier this month, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined a Georgia chemical plant over $256,000 after discovering several hazards in the manufacturing facility. According to a recent news report, the company was cited for “willful violations for failing to install a fall protection system and develop and implement a written permit-required confined-space program.”

Evidently, the plant had been visited in the past, and certain recommendations were made by inspectors. Upon the inspectors’ return visit, the corrections had not been made, resulting in the citations being issued. One OSHA spokesperson told reporters that “the hazards identified put workers at risk of serious injury … Employers must follow required safety practices to protect worker safety and health.”

Have You Been Injured in a Georgia Workplace Accident?

If you have recently been injured in a Georgia workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The dedicated Georgia workers’ compensation law firm of J. Franklin Burns, P.C. handles all kinds of Georgia workers’ compensation claims. We represent injured workers across Georgia, and we are prepared to file an appeal if your initial application is wrongly denied. To learn more, call 404-920-4708 to schedule your free consultation today.